Shish sookie singabus
Snored like a red merry-go-round horse
And an acid gold bar swirled up and down
Up and down, in back of the singabus
And the pantaloon duck, white goose neck, quacked
Webcore, webcore

(from "Those little golden birdies, look at them" 
by Don Van Vliet)

 Recently I found some time to work again in my beloved papercut-technique. I worked with an older image (a drawing of native indian dancers wearing birdlike masks and costumes) and draw it again, now in a bigger size. Than copied it on various colored papers, cut it out and pasted it together into three different versions. 

The circle shape of these collages is inspired by photographies of the 19th century and relates particularly to the photography work of James Mooney.

This final image will appear in a forthcoming book, a new and extensive publication around the topic "Illustration", edited by fellow artist Felix Scheinberger. 

- Dieter