L‘Invitation au voyage

Four new pieces in a new technique. The use of fineliner, a smooth pencil in 6 B and some Polychromos color pencils in different grey tones allows me to work in a rather „documentary style“. I was also influenced by faded Polaroids and the more conceptual work of Robert Weaver.

These four drawings belong to a series of all in all seven images titled „L‘Invitation au voyage“. Now you can see the complete series at the highly recommended exhibition „Poete maudit“, curated by Andreas Rauth. This tribute to Charles Baudelaire shows also very fine drawings, collages and objects by David von Bassewitz, Ib Jorn, Birgit Lang, Lorem ipsum collective, Falk Nordmann, Felix Pestemer, C.Pom, Richard Rabensaat and Andreas Rauth.

The exhibition (including performance, artist talk and reading) takes place at the gallery erstererster, Berlin, from Aug. 26th to Sept. 9th.

Greets, Dieter


Mikrokosmos Preview

Hello everybody, the Mikrokosmos project is rolling - half of the books are done. This year's collection has great travelbooks, Craig's rough sketches, an imaginary Herbarium and vigilant studies of human relationships. Between the contributors of this 2nd edition: (left to right)

Six more to come!
Best regards, Boris

Boris' Mikrokosmos

My own project is about Dragons, here's a first impression:

Cheers, Boris


The Berlin Wall

50 years ago the wall was established by the GDR government. The concrete separated West- from East Germany and cut Berlin into pieces... Here are three new illustrations, done last week for the past weekend-issue of the TAZ.

By the way a great film showing some impressions of the wall and the "old" West Berlin was „Possession“ directed by Andrzej Żuławski. A weird movie starring Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neil, including some special effects by Carlo Rambaldi (Alien). The color scheme of my illustrations was directly influenced by Zulawskis work.

Greets, Dieter


New etchings

These are 3 new etchings I made last year in the printmaking atelier. The upperone shows the highway in Antwerp, close to my place, and the ones below are street views from Hong Kong, where I went last summer. Somehow interesting to see that there is not a lot of difference between those places.



By Way of Trial

Here are some graphics as a trial for Mikrokosmos 2011.
The title might be "Songs of Tininess" this year.
At the present time it includes my favourites, Andersen, Blake, Shakespeare,... dung beetles, flies and fleas.

Greets, c.pom