Poste Aérienne at MEAKUSMA

live drawing event with Boris Servais and Adrian Wylezol at invitation of Mea Kusma, Alter Schlachthof, Eupen (BE)

It was a cool experience to see our small-size ink, pen and crayon drawings projected on this impressive big wall, with the sounds of Sohrab, Innercity and Midnight Opera.

We were hooked very quickly, we both have forgotten time and
we're pretty sure that we'll do events like this again.

more images here

Big thanks to Christophe and Michael from Mea Kusma,
the artists and everybody else - it was great!

Boris · Adrian


A Growing Mountain Of... Stuff.

I´ve been doing a lot of editorial work in the past
weeks. Above is a piece for the business section of
DIE ZEIT, on the topic of whether or not we
need the old economist ideas.

Here´s one from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung
about how a lot of people can have very risky hobbies yet tend
to be very cautious when it comes to planning their

And to balance things out a little:

Some skeletons! I hope I will be able to do more personal
work in the future again, but I also really enjoy
doing editorial illustration.