new work from my illustrated dream diary, with some small layout improvements. A dream dated from 10.05.09 - exactly one year before the Fumetto Festival has taken place.

- some words about Fumetto -

First of all, this was a really exiting and interesting festival, with kindly organisation- and working-crews (I was also member of the working-crew). There were numerous well done exhibitions, with a lot of trivia about the shown artists. Especially I was impressed by the work of Chihoi Lee (from Hongkong) and Brecht Evens (Beligium), but less impressed how Brechts work was presented, in an otherwise perfect exhibition environment. It's a pity that his drawings were glued (without frames) directly on the wall. Some events like the awards or a drawing competition between Ben Jones and Brecht were also rather failed. The use of two badly prepared presenter, performing in a lurid TV-style, was not the best idea (not just in my opinion). But as a conclusion I‘ve to say, it was really worth to have been there - see you at the next festival!

Thanks a lot to the Fumetto Crew

- Adrian

PS: I met three artists, all from Berlin, at the festival which I appreciate very much. Gregor Hinz, currently based in Kiel, who has published a very funny travel diary via Leipzig publishing house „Die Bibliothek“. Great cartoonist Andy Leuenberger, with a fine exhibition at Fumetto (Metzgerhalle). And Juanita Keller - I like her work very much. Not to forget a very interesting projekt initially organized from Riga called „The Last Match“ - several artists work on small papers in size of a matchbox.


· Gunmen Magazine ·

the hunters of the Stone Age to the highly equipped special
forces of our days. Today they remain a hidden and transformed
aspect of society and modern life.
This new zine project explores the fascination and attraction
of this very ambivalent theme, with its primitive, magic,
absurd and often disgusting manifestations.

It's a zine that will change and evolve a lot
while in progress, I'm curious where it's gonna lead.

Greets, Boris.


Du-Magazin #806

This month famous swiss magazin „Du“ circle around a pretty helvetian topic - the Alps. I contributed with an illustration in proven „Laika“-mode.

By the way, I really enjoyed the subtle ironic but also melancholic tone of Tobias Müllers text.

- Dieter


Typeface In The Making

····· Click to enlarge ·····


This is not really about illustration, but I think about book art anyway - I started making a typeface recently, a traditional serif font. A couple of years ago I really enjoyed making letters and would like to pick up this loose end. What you see above is the first set of letters without kerning pairs and not yet thoroughly checked. I am planning to make some basic styles and alternative shapes (whenever I find the time). Too bad good old Fontographer doesn’t really exist anymore, FontLab is SO much more complex to learn.