Illustration Friday: "Poise"

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"If you´re going on a trip, you´ll
need a lot of things: Stamina,
strength, water, and a good dose
of poise and enthusiasm."


This is also a work-in-progress piece
that´s going to be a submission for
a cover illustration contest held by
VAMOS, a german holiday provider that
centers around children having an
adventurous and stimulating vacation.
It will be a front-and-back illustration,
so there still is a lot of work to be done,
but as soon as I have a good idea
and a nice character the rest usually
is a lot of fun.



Illustration Friday: "Substract"

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"She just can´t substract smoking
from her habits."


Excrementory Grindfuckers


Here are some shirt-motives I did a while ago for the band »Excrementory Grindfuckers«. Yes, you did read right. Just a little job I enjoyed doing...



check`n go

check`n go is a new project i am currently working on. this series of four paintings is based on snapshots done during a bus ride. each 40 x 50 cm, acrylic on paper on canvas.



short story illustration

the Du kulturmagazin asked me to do an illustration of the short story "stickstoffdüngerfabrik" written by the chinese author Tian Er. the artwork was published in the march issue which is about identity and really has got some nice articles inside. i noticed once again that literature illustration is a thing i like to do a lot because it gives you kind of a frame by leaving you totaly free in what you do....



Comic school

These months I'm producing a comic workbook with a focus 
on the emotional/ psychologic side of creating comics. 
Drawing can be a self expression, and can help 
to be understood and to better know others. 

The book has basics of comic drawing, and a pedagogic
part. It's gonna be used in schools (again in Belgium),
by teachers, and children...


A quick sketch


In one of my last drawing classes, I found the time to do some sketching on my own and drew a few students. Too bad I never manage to do more of these drawings, I haven’t been to a nude-drawing-class since Adenauer got elected.



Ni Hao!

I love to use letters and symbols in my work,
but very rarely do I actually aim to express
something with it - I just like the graphic
quality of symbols and fonts.

So today I was pondering
over what I could write on
that kids clothing, and I thought that
she (or he - I don´t know it myself, I tend
to draw sexually ambiguous characters)
looks very asian already so I went for
chinese. I looked these words up
on a wiki phrasebook page - "Ni Hao"
on the cap means "Hello", and the shirt
says "Monday".

Now that I look at it, it reminds
me of a group of little japanese preschoolers
I once saw on TV - they were all walking behind
their teacher in line and all wore the the same
brightly colored caps - the cutest thing I´ve
ever seen!