Rauschen - Silkscreen Posters

Now available are two limited Silkscreen Prints, based on images of our Graphic Novel „Das große Rauschen“. Printed by Olli Nerlich in Orange and Black on 250g Canson Paper, in the extraordinary size of 90 x 35 cm. 

You can get these fine posters here, directly from the Verlagshaus J. Frank | Berlin.

- Dieter



The third edition of Mikrokosmos is out now, and completes the first Box Set with 36 little books by 30 European and international artists. The nationalities include Germany, Belgium, France, the UK, Canada, Colombia and South Korea.

We're happy to present the complete 36 books in a solid wooden collector's box with a hand-lettered, illustrated label.
Thanks a lot to all contributing artists!



Grafixx Zine Fest

Some pictures of our contribution to the Zine Festival in Antwerp.

And some small drawings I did at the sketch event.

cheers Leen


Zine Fest Antwerp

Poste Aérienne will be exhibitor at the the Grafixx Zine Fest in Antwerp, first weekend in december.

Discover fresh zine work - delicate silkscreen - have a sip of coffee,
1st and 2nd of Dec. in Antwerp.


Monster Limericks

Hi there!

I just finished my diploma book Monster Limericks, and you
might have been able to check it out if you dropped by our booth
this past Frankfurt Book Fair.

This has easily been my biggest project to date, and it
took me ages to find the right tone and direction for it - the
actual drawing (and writing!) part pretty much happened
in the usual super-intense couple of weeks.

I portrayed 7 monsters on two double-pages each, along
with hand-drawn limericks. I really enjoyed writing those,
mostly because this form of poetry always had this really
interesting, crass and silly quality, which was a perfect
match for my little misfits! 

The book is in german, but also contains rough english
translations in the back.

Check out more here:

You can also directly order them via



Frankfurt Bookfair 2012

Like every year - and for the sixth time - the Frankfurt Book Fair is an extraordinary event for Poste Aérienne. In 2012 we're happy to present

The third set of the MIKROKOSMOS edition
A new 5-piece postcard set of the MAYBE-PROJECT

Furthermore you can find our proven books, small press publications, postcards and prints there. It would be a pleasure to welcome you at hall 4.1, K506

See you there - Poste Aérienne!


Here are some quick impressions from the first day of
the Book Fair - we´re going to be there till sunday!

(pictures by Sonja Friedrich)


MAYBE again

 At Frankfurt once again we will present our independent artistic project MAYBE. The original colorful MAYBE graphic arts, which are in part elaborately decorated, are now completed with a small black and white MAYBE half-card set. These cards we'll proudly reoffer at the book fair this year.

The graphics you can see up there are made by Dieter Jüdt, Adrian Wylezol, Boris Servais and Ib Jorn.

Best greetings


Mikrokosmos · Label preview

2012 is the year of appearance for the third Mikrokosmos edition.
The complete 36 books will appear in a limited edition wooden collector's box with a hand-lettered, illustrated label.

12 German, Belgian and French artists are publishing a booklet:

The books will appear on Frankfurt Book Fair in a month!


Group show in Hamburg · Sept. 14th-16th


The originals of the new book are exhibited in Hamburg:
Vernissage and party · group show GUI-GUI

Guest artists: Boris Servais · Martin Graf
Friday 14th, 20h

Hafentor 7 · HAMBURG

See you! Boris Servais



Dear Aerienners,
I am glad to announce that I will really have an exhibition.. Sorry for my bad posting and microkosmos-deadline-behavior..  It was eating a lot of my time..
It was great pleasure again to work with MATERIALS. With found and ripped off pieces of colour and Typo mixed with self-cutout and painted elements... 
Very best  too you        IB




This are a few pages of my mikrokosmos booklet, for the third edition. I think the topic is clear :) It's going about food. I look foreward to see it printed.
greetz, Leen


Latest work

... this depressive dinosaur/monster is one of the last drawings for the booklet. I'm currently starting to do the texts.

I'm just coming back from Hamburg, if there's an oppurtunity, have a look at the very nice zine and artist-book assortment of the DRUCKDEALER

Boris Servais


Wild Children

Mystic figures like "monkey boys", "wolf girls", or "gazelle boys" for example are all part of the lore of wild children. Those feral children have grown up with little or no human contact, and they are therefore unaware of human social behavior or language.

All over the world, all though history the stories about those cases are secretive and fascinating.

T.C. Boyle wrote in one of his last books about the story of Victor of Aveyron in France, 1799. And even the well known 200 year old drama of Kaspar Hauser is deeply interesting me. So again by way of trial I started some illustrations.

Greets, C.Pom



Here's a selection of mugshots I have been making during the past 37 weeks for the magazine Knack Focus. Every week they published an article about a famous individual from the cultural scene, which has been in contact with the court of justice.

greetz, Leen

mug shots knack focus


Das große Rauschen - Out now!

„Oleg sieht kleine Quadrate, das Stahlseil surrt, dann sieht er nichts mehr. In seinem Kopf ist ein großes Rauschen.“

We are very proud to announce that our longtime graphic novel project „Das große Rauschen“ – 50 short-stories from the heart of the capital city Berlin – will be available at 18th June, published by the Verlagshaus J. Frank, Berlin

You can order the book here.

Greets, Dieter


Poste Aérienne at MEAKUSMA

live drawing event with Boris Servais and Adrian Wylezol at invitation of Mea Kusma, Alter Schlachthof, Eupen (BE)

It was a cool experience to see our small-size ink, pen and crayon drawings projected on this impressive big wall, with the sounds of Sohrab, Innercity and Midnight Opera.

We were hooked very quickly, we both have forgotten time and
we're pretty sure that we'll do events like this again.

more images here

Big thanks to Christophe and Michael from Mea Kusma,
the artists and everybody else - it was great!

Boris · Adrian