El Gouna Sketches

Hello dear Aerienners,
I would like to show you some sketchbooksketches I sketched in December in Egypt. 
It`s a shame, but I have to admit that it was not so much a cultural, but more a sportive Kite-vacation. El Gouna, a strange, kind of solitary place on earth. Nevertheless it was great fun drawing...
And a Halleluja to our new year member Laurent! 
I hope you are fine & Welcome to our magnificent drawing-Blog!!
All the best from    IB



The PIXAR Exhibition in Bonn was great! Lovely character design, sketches, storyboards, and a very spectecular ZOETROPE,
a three-dimensional animation with Toy-Story characters. 

I'm impressed by the so-called colorscripts, color drafts in pastel, gouache, acrylics, that simulate diffent light-atmospheres for a setting.

I'd like to see it again, but it's already over.

Cheers, Boris


Brothers Grimm Year 2013!!!

Little Red Riding Hood Waiting For The Big Bad Wolf

At the beginning of the year I'll use the opportunity to realign, full of curiosity about fresh projects and artistic challenges.

Hope we all enjoy a productive, colourful year 2013!!!