Abba Zaba - 45-The Single-Cover-Album

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Now I‘ve finally finished my work for the record-cover of Beefhearts „Abba Zaba“. I wasn‘t satisfied with the version I‘ve did with Faber Polychromos (looks more like a childrenbook-illustration), so I turned to another technique - the proved method with scissors, glue and good ol' Xerox copy machine. But I have to say, this „oldfashioned-engraving-style“ of the record-sleeve works very well with image and handmade-typo.

"Hobo chang ba"

Vernissage & Release Party

The Supalife Kiosk is one of the rare places in Germany that dedicate themselves exclusively to independent art, illustration and comix.
The shop is specialized in silkscreen printing and invited Poste Aérienne to create a poster and Leporello entitled
"7 Reasons not to Travel".
Here's some photos (thanks Dennis) of the vernissage which was a typical "Berlin-event": young and international visitors, funny talks and playful music by Jayrope.
Thank you for coming!


Supalife proudly presents - SEVEN REASONS NOT TO TRAVEL

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Together with the Supalifekiosk we are preparing our first group exhibition in capital city Berlin. „Seven Reasons Not To Travel“ will show some fine work of our members Peter Hoffmann, Dieter Jüdt, Frederik Jurk, C. Pom, Max Ruf, Cleo Schwinkowski, Boris Servais and Adrian Wylezol. One part of the show will be a "group-silkscreen-poster" (see above), carefully printed by Olli Nerlich.

The exhibition at Supalifekiosk, Raumer Str. 40, Prenzlauer Berg, starts with the vernissage on Saturday 18th of July, 7 pm.

See you



I´ve been working feverishly on finishing
enough illustration for our media illustration class
where we illustrate articles from the Frankfurter
Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung each week, and put
them into the page layout to see how these would
look if they were actually printed. It´s a very
interesting project because editorial illustration
demands a very specific set of skills.

I´ve been so busy with other projects that
I really had to pump these out fast to meet
the deadline, but it turned out to be a lot
more fun and quite a bit less stress than
I thought.

Hope you enjoy them!

Work in Progress - Abba Zaba

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For our single-book-projekt I‘ve ultimately chosen one of Captain Beefhearts finest singles, „Abba Zaba“, recorded in 1967. During his career the Captain often referred to certain aspects of american indian culture (in our book I will explain some of these items). "Abba Zaba", for example, was inspired by these typical primitive „indianlike“ rhythms used in all 50/60ies western movies.

And for me this was also an occasion to work with ethnological stuff again... I think I will finish this drawing tomorrow by using ink (brush, pen) and grey polychromos .

Greetings, Dieter


In Progress…

Since I am on a posting-spree anyway :-)

Two pieces in progress I just send out today for a DVD-Cover for a musician from Austria, I’ll post the whole layout after this thing is finished. Right now I am quite happy with them and really hope it works for him as well.


The Day Of The Tentacle

Last but not least, my piece for the Supalife-Prints.

Thanks a
lot, Dieter, for compiling them and your work anyway!

Have a great day,

Buga 2011 Visuals

The next illustrations in line are the reason for the grey-ish complexion I have these days - they where a LOT of work with quite a few changes from client-side (which actually where really nice people). They where commissioned by the Bundesgartenschau 2011 in Koblenz and are supposed to show the future architecture in certain places.

The pre-visuals where completely made in SketchUp, a nice little freeware 3D-application, the coloring was done in Illustrator.

Again: cheers,

Chainsaw Bride

Another illustration for a poster - this one for a band called Boiler. Stylewise they are very much about glam and high energy, therefore the image was not hard to come up with. I used Illustrator and its brushes for the first time to create the background-elements, which really felt like a nice progress in my usual workflow.


Bigass Robot


Here’s an older illustration I did for a festival-poster. Ah, robots! Maybe I like them so much because I read John Christophers »Tripods« when I was in elementary school. I was hooked from the first pages on. By the way – there’s a series of audio-books coming out with the original soundtrack from the 80’s-BBC-series, I am really looking forward to get my fingers on them. And I heard that Alex »Dark City« Proyas is about to make a movie based on the books...




Hello all!
It is too bad, that I post that seldom. I will do better. Here is a little development of finding a name & logo for a Berlin Champaneria. I hate this moment when the client choses the "wrong" one of the drafts you present. And it happens so often. But well it is the dog and it is not too bad.

This one is the motiv for the Opening-Poster.
Hugs IB