Fox, Socks And Rolling Ducks

So here are my first two pages for our Microcosm series so
far. It´s going to be a little collection of mostly
unrelated little things and creatures. I´ve got to admit
that I struggled a bit with the unusual color limitation
at first, but now I´m really enjoying figuring out
good ways to use them.





This is a prelimiary for the edition, I haven’t really checked the colors yet, but it’ll work out in the end. I used mixes of 50% and 100% of each color. Also I’ll work on some parts of the lettering, I guess, especially on the cover (haven’t come up with a title yet).

Have a sunny day,


Wanderlust again

I spent this sunny afternoon together with fellow Felix Scheinberger and Anja Nolte sketching in the streets of East-Berlin.
Tucked between the common boring vehicles we found these nice manifestations of german „wanderlust“.

Greets, Dieter

PS Take a look at Anjas fine drawing, showing Felix and me at work - sketching. I especially like the noses.

ships on the Rhine

On friday we did sketches on the banks of the Rhine with the students of my illustration class. (thanks Peter)
While drawing these little boats, I really wanted to travel again. I miss the feeling of 'wanderlust', and drawing in foreign places can be so relaxing.


Edition Mikrokosmos - Next Step

Here are coming the cover/backcover (page 1/12) and the pages 2/3 of my small „Mikrokosmos“ book. Finally I‘ve decided to use the red only in its darkest mode and to brighten the turqoiseblue. Maybe this is not the devinitive final version of page 2/3. But I‘m very satisfied how colors, linedrawing and kalligraphy work together on the title...

Have a nice sunday


Oh! Sweet Nuthin' - Work in Progress

In the last days I‘ve tried to work on my participation for Boris‘ Mikrokosmos-project. I had a lot of ideas, some exiting small concepts but none of them worked really well... The solution out of this unsatisfying state came with „Oh! Sweet Nuthin'“ - a classical song written by Lou Reed and to hear on the Velvets highly recommended „Loaded“ album. This dark and soulful ode to laziness inspired me (ironically) for a series of illustrations in a sometimes nearly abstract style. Here are the uncolored and (as yet) unfinished doublepages 4/5 and 8/9.

Greets, Dieter


Leen's blog

Since a while I'm very into drawing and painting musicians.
Some time ago I started a blog where a post all
my works related to music.



Finally finished

Today I‘ve completed the last page of our long-time (God, we worked more than four years on this book!) comicproject based on Berlin stories written by Verena Postweiler. At least our book will include 50 stories on 64 pages (see also here and there).

The whole project has got a pretty experimental approach - people from established german comic publishers were quite irritated. They couldn‘t understand that our comic works without main characters, continual storyline and comic speech. They were even irritated by the occasional use of colored (instead of black) line-drawings!

In the next weeks we‘ve to design the book, not to forget to determine the real book-title. Hope everything will work well so that the book will be published in time for the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Greets, Dieter


gunmen magazine

New work for the gunmen magazine,

which is gonna explore the 'lower self'
of the human being, and some of our
less popular drives and energies.



Headliner Of Hearts

····· Click to enlarge ·····

Hi there!

I just finished the illustration and the layout of a CD for the adorable Excrementory Grindfuckers. The title is "Headliner Of Hearts" and the band & I decided to incorporate some circus-/sideshow-/freaks-of nature-images accordingly. Beside the fact that this is a theme with great texture, plenty of images to research and a lot of fun to illustrate, there are quite a few philosophical questions involved. If you are interested in topics like that, I highly recommend Tod Brownings »Freaks«.

Have a great day,



Hi  everyone,

Here some pics of the opening of exposition Women at Work.
It was a succes and a nice introduction for Poste Aérienne.
Hopefully we can do a bigger project in Antwerp for PA in the future.