Frankfurt Book Fair

The Bookfair's a very special event every year - lot's of fascinating people from around the world, it's a true creative people gathering. The fair is almost there, and Poste Aérienne launches three new projects, that's to say:

The second set of MIKROKOSMOS books
The Artist Card project MAYBE
And WOLKE ÜBER HANAMI our latest silkscreen book

It would be our great pleasure to welcome you on the fair:
hall 4.1 booth N° K507

Best regards and see you there,
Poste Aérienne


Wolke Über Hanami

My dear friends and collegues,

it is really quite a while since I posted something in our blog, especially because I started using the computer more and more for my artwork. With the bookfair comming up, I thought I could contribute some pictures of the work that I have done for our collective.

This here is my work for the WOLKE ÜBER HANAMI project. As You may notice, the drawings are digitaly done for the most parts. Using a graphic tablet. Quite a changeover in my workingprincibles. But I really dig it now. Coolbeans.

Happy to see all of You at the bookfair!