The Sourcebook of Contemporary Illustration

„...the illustrations of Dieter Jüdt have an unmistakable air of romantic adventure comic and vintage texture, in the same line as the legendary Corto Maltese created by Huge Pratt in the sixties...“ Wow, sounds pretty good, right? „The Sourcebook of Contemporary Illustration“ a new 600 paged (!) compilation, published by maomao and Harper Collins, puts together a selection of worldwide
illustration art.

Ok, you can find some of the usual suspects there, but you can also check out the impressive work of new names like Laureen Nassef (USA), Matthieu Bessudo (F) or Yuko Shimiz (J). Every artist shows his work on 4 - 8 pages, accompanied by short descriptive texts (see above). The „Sourcebook“ is available since last Oct./Nov. (I bought one copy at a Berlin book-store).

This publication could be a cool project BUT, it seems that the publishers are not able, or willing, to send the contractually guaranteed free-copies to the artists - very annoying and unfair to all participants. Finally I asked maomao to send my copy within four weeks, in the meantime unfortunately I have to say:

Regards, Dieter


Herta, Berta und Frieda

 Since December '09, until I have had time to listen to the CDs 
"Atemschaukel", read some interviews and her 
Nobelprizespeech, Herta Müller is on my mind. 
Suddenly I would like to have a look at her home in Berlin, 
to see her wordselection and her created poetcards - but even when 
imagine the scene, the silence, the floorboard creaking, 
the speechlessness... 
I'm sure I should travel as a dusty raisin or fly.

I bought some handkerchiefs, 50 x 50 cm, gray, five pieces. 
They should be printed with "Herta-myth".


Two students, doing what students do

I´m working like a madman on this poster, and I´m at my full nightshift mode. Again, this is just a work-in-progress, as you can tell by the hand in the background for instance, but I thought it might be interesting. This is going to be a submission for a poster contest that´s being held internally at our school for our 40 year anniversay.

I realize my anatomy knowledge is a bit rusty, I had to resize the upper body of the boy a few times to get it right - however, I spent quite some time just trying to figure out what exactly was wrong his body ;)

So it´s almost 6am here and I´m going to say good morning to my girlfriend who will get up for her uni in about half an hour. Actually, I kinda enjoy this extreme, focussed, slightly asocial deadline rush quite a lot right now - as long as the creative juices don´t stop flowing. It´s easy to stay on track when you simply don´t have another choice ;) 


Watercolor II


Some new watercolor studies, a nice thing to start the year with. I recently talked to Dieter about not getting obsessed with technique and working more thematically - well, this is what I am going to do with my next series.

Have a super day,


Work in Progress

This is what my workplace actually looks like, many small snippets,

and parts of miniature landscapes. Looking forward to show more...

Greetings, Boris


Freelens Magazin

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Now available is Freelens Magazin # 29. The magazine (subtitle „Fotojournalismus in der Medienwelt") regularly shows the work of contemporary photographers and discusses theoretical and technical aspects around photography. The particular focus of this issue
treats the current activities of many publishers/clients in establishing the so called „buyout-clause“ closely related with nasty restrictions in artist-copyrights.

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I did three illustrations accompanying the text (what was pretty new and unusal for makers and readers of a photo-magazine).



Goldfish and flying cars

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 Happy new 2010 everyone! Man,

that sounds futuristic. This has been asked a
thousand times already, but it bears repeating:
Where are the flying cars? I don´t even
have a measly jetpack or anything,
still have to go by foot or subway everywhere.
Aside from that I´ve had a pretty good start
into the new decade, although I tend to become
a bit tired around this time of year.

Here are some things I´ve been working on and off
during the weird transition period that is late december
and early january. Both pieces will be on my new
Illustratoren Organisation promo postcard, which means
it will look slighty awkward since the required text on the
front will be horizontal, while the illustration is vertical.
The two fishes are actually two separate images that
will look like one wide illustration. Since it has
to be grayscale on the backside I used to simply
convert color images into grayscale for my last
promo card, but this time I did something
completely new instead.

Anyways, I wish you a great new year!