Etching reportage

Here a little reportage of me printing my own works
in the etching atelier in Antwerp.
Thank's Claudia to mention,
that I should post more often things like this! :)


Matchbox Labels

Hello there,
I recently received this very nice parcel from India,
thanks to a friend who lives in Varanasi.

This allows me to introduce a new project:
Designing a series of illustrated matchbox labels.

There's lovely wooden matchboxes in India,
and as blank boxes can only be ordered in container quantities, I'll use these and just replace the label.
Here's my first drafts:
Lookin forward to show some more,
Regards, Boris


A Sign For Eternity

Nuclear waste stays radioactive and toxic over thousands of years. Some weeks before the Fukushima Catastrophe the TAZ asked me to design a warning sign that should be recognized and readable also in 50 000 years (now published at the past weekend issue).

I decided to work in a primitive, aboriginallike style. In my opinion human civilization and technique will ultimately come to an end in one of the next centuries. The survival in small isolated groups, on a primitve cultural level, is a rather optimistic view. Indeed much more realistic is a scenario exactly described in Cormac McCarthys highly recommended novel „The Road“. Read this!

- Dieter


Cloud over Japan

A Haiku, small words in response to the catastrophes in japan to offer my commiserations.

Wolke über Hanami

Die Wolke über

Hanami und Godzilla

im Nordosten – lebt!

Haiku von C.Pom


I´ve been so busy with searching for a
good dayjob that I completely forgot to
contribute to our beautiful blog!

Thankfully all our other members have
been making up for it with all their
exceptionless great work.

So I´m just dumping a few of my new
pieces from late 2010, early 2011
in here for your viewing pleasure.

I´ve even started sketching more again - one thing
I´ve been really missing without realizing it. I bought this
little sketchbook with really smooth and super-thin paper,
which crinkles nicely when I fill the pages with biro pen.
Feels a bit like drawing on newspaper pages, 
which I love!



children's illustration

Here's another magazine illustration -
I currently try to get together the linework of my artistic work
with an imagery that is suitable for young readers.

The illustration is for a story about animals that provoke
either disgust or liking.

Regards, Boris


Cyber Attack

Again an image for Berlin newspaper TAZ, illustrating an interview with expert Robin Geiß about so called cyber crimes.

Gosh, this job was real fun! Because working on that dtawing beamed me back in time. Straight back to endless rainy afternoons, sittin on the floor of my grandmas living room surrounded by my beloved set of colored pencils, drawing „The soldiers of the 7th U.S. Cavalry ride against the united tribes of the Plains Indians“.

In fact I did countless variations of this proven topic. I still remember the sound of the shootings, the crazy indian yelling and the smell of gunpowder. But I was always on the side of the Reds!

Greets, Dieter


New b+w TAZ illustration

The discussion around sexual violence and abuse at german schools and christian boarding houses is still going on. This Fryday the TAZ published some tragic memories of a former pupil. Here‘s my accompanying illustration.

- Dieter


2011 International Year of Forests

As well with the desire for creating something space-filling and the awareness that art may be beautiful to look at, I started with several forest photos and pictures in January. These motives are stretched and flipped horizontal. At the moment the prints have a size of 150 cm. Details should be used for linocuts or just as well for silkscreens on old cracker barrels or washboards. But the second idea could not be realized before Summer.