The Bloody Chamber


I just read a collection of tales by Angela Carter, »The Bloody Chamber«, and had some time on my hands to make an image that suits the tone of the title-story. The book is the author’s take on several well-known folk tales, only she has a very »adult« approach. Does anyone remember the movie »The Company Of Wolves« from the mid-80s? This is based on one of the tales and (still) quite a haunting movie...

Wishing you well,


The Frans Masereel Centre

For some weeks I have the occasion to stay in the Belgian Frans Masereel Centrum near Antwerp.

They provide good facilities for silkscreen, letterpress, lithography and etching where I'm working. I didn't know anything about etching when I came here, and the first week I just struggled to learn the basics of aquaforte and aquatint. Etching really is a science and a world in itself. Now I already feel more comfortable, thanks to the instructors and my neighbour in the atelier, and I'm working on my first two images.

It's surprisingly international artists in residence here, there's people from New Zealand, Paris, London, Romania and Belgium at the moment. Each artist has his own bungalow, like on the photo above, and there's 3 extra beds for guests. Maybe next year, this could be interesting for some of us to come together?

Regards from Kasterlee,


Noisepollution 2010

Hi everyone,

here’s my illustration for the annual Noisepollution-festival near Mannheim. There is some fine alternative rock like The Intersphere to check out, so if you are nearby...



New etching

It's been a while ago I've posted something on our blog.
I'm currently working on my etchings. This is my latest one.
I'm also experimenting with the medium of silkscreen at the moment.
I'll post some results later on.



Ethnographic drawings #6

click to enlarge

These three guys from Oceania are part of my newest sketchwork. After some drawing-sessions at the Ethnological Museum Berlin-Dahlem, it become more and more difficult for me to discover new suitable figures of these special kind there. Now I think about to visit the Ethnological Museum of Hamburg and maybe (for a long weekend), together with some fellow draughtsmen, the highly recommended Tropenmuseum of Amsterdam.

Recently I stuck my nose deep into the artwork of grandmaster Moebius aka Jean Giraud and began to modify my (often very graphically) drawing-style with a kind of moebiuslike hatchings...