I am currently working in my Atelier, trying to get straight some more paperworks of bigger size. One day this might be great, but it is also kind of a fight.. Right now I am only posting some sketches I liked, when I went through my older sketchbooks.
Maybe a bit dark.
I will post some bigger things, when they are showable..
I hope you are in good artist mood and stay with greetings IB


Global Oology

The danish genius Hans Christian Andersen wrote this epigrammatic 
truth about stock in his poetry fairy tale "Das hässliche junge Entlein".

He suffered from mean birth all his life.
Andersen's Fairy Tales were already published 1875 
in Leipzig, Germany.
Even so I would like to substitute the german text 
in the speech bubble by danish text. 
Maybe Henrik Drescher or Adrian could help me.



Friendly Dragons

The collection of monsters is growing,
at the moment inspiration is coming from
old prints - tatzlwurms, harpyies and galleytrots*.

I'm now thinking about taking a look
at classical movie monsters. I don't like Godzilla
and his equals, but it would be a nice challenge
to make a humoristic interpretation.

(* please ask if you don't know what it means.)