Noisepollution Poster 2009


Every year I am doing a poster for an alternative-music-festival near Frankfurt - here’s my version for 2009. Since the festival takes place in a very rural region, »cows« seemed an obvious choice for the motive. The manager of this event and I were wondering why we didn’t come across this idea the years before, after all the robots, skeletons, rock-chicks and cocaine & champagne (kidding a little bit) we had on the previous posters.
The little twist with the ufo-abduction came from my fascination with old-school-science-fiction, together with a certain style I identified as »steampunk«. The latter is not overly present in my design, but it really is worth checking out (I think): the amalgamation of victorian design with modern technology. You can find a lot of beautifully crafted objects on the net, where designers are trying to give computers, iPods, scanners,… the look of like it just came out of a Jules-Verne-novel. »The Golden Compass« has some nice production-design in that direction, too.

All the best,


Illustration Friday: "Breezy"

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Frosty, breezy months. Time to get
out the thick coat with the nice hood!



Punk might not be dead after all, dear sir!

A litte piece I did today that started
as a completely aimless doodle.
Funny how I sometimes need days
and days to get something just right,
and then on other occasions something
just pops out like that!

BOWW - DVD-Cover

Hi again!

Here’s another finished piece – a DVD-cover I made for the Austrian jazz-drummer Gregor Hilbe. The concept we developed was to reflect the very rythmic and organic sound and the poetic lyrics with the images of trees. I really liked the idea of trees as "sound brought to life", since they grow »from beyond« into very complex shapes, following a certain pattern. This is what I also had in mind when I read Lems »Solaris«, a science-fiction story about a planet with a life of its own, that spontaneously grows huge, cloud-like shapes, like manifestations of its thoughts.



The God of Useless Stuff

Hi! Long time, no see!

Here’s a new sculpture that dwelled on my shelf for quite a while and that I finally finished these days.

Have a great day,


Ooh! Aua!

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This is a piece I´m going to get printed
as large posters to take with me on the
Leipzig book fair where our school
has a booth.

I´ve been working
on this over the course
of four days, which is a very long
timespan for me, but really polishing
it down to the very little details was
a very joyous and interesting process.
It´s also the most complex digital
illustration I did so far, with
a whooping 37 (albeit very small)
separate layers.


New Edition

The Varanasi books are handbound, the Asian way:
First, the pages of the booklet are assemled, folded,
the cover's also folded and prepared by hand.

It needs little holes that're made with a metal stamp.

As the covers are ready, the pages are perforated,
and the book is bound with needle and thread.

Original material from India, fine Munken paper,
that's a book that satisfies my aesthetic aspiration.

Regards, Boris


Congratulations Charles Darwin

This year '09 is among other things the Darwin-year
and today his birthday.

I 'll like to work with a personal view on his themes
until november, when the public celebrates
the anniversary of his first book



A Second Day At The Museum

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Today was my second drawing-studies-date (together with my students) at the Ethnological Museum, Berlin-Dahlem. There I found these weird figures at the proved South-Sea-Collection.

Currently I‘m very interested in such „ethnological issues“. This passion was caused by writing a new article (for Jitter-Magazine) about first nation artist Brian Jungen and his „Prototypes for New Understandings“, a series of aboriginal masks which were assembled from parts of Nike Air Jordan shoes.

Greetings Dieter



I really like to draw these skulls lately,
maybe because they have this kind of
stupid look on their face
(if they HAD a face).


Station B

Here comes a new strip of our dogville-project (I‘m still very busy with it). This small story (words by Verena Postweiler) is dedicated to my favourite and now abandoned recordstore Station B.

The Station was based at the notorious Kastanienallee, in former East-Berlin. And was also a place to discover a lot of remarkable things - rare und beautiful music, strange people and obscure tea-blends. RIP.



Illustration Friday: "Time"

"Your time will come."

I´ve been having loads of
fun drawing these skeleton in the
past few days. I just noticed
that working digitally allows me
to work in a way that resembles
painting more than drawing -
it´s like I move away from
outline/contour-based progress
to a more spacial approach.

Does this make sense?

Anyway, click each one to enlarge
them and enjoy ;)



Two years ago, I've drawn a graphic report of the Indian 
pilgrimage town Varanasi.
I'm now making a silkscreen edition of the book. 
It's a big edition, as the Belgian government (fortunatly)
ordered a larger amount of copies. This is why they're
printed on a semi-automatic machine:

The last thing to do will be the binding,
which might take some little hours, as it's handmade...



This Illustration I did for the monthly inlay of spiegel,
the kulturspiegel. It was for a funny ironic article
about Uwe Tellkamp, who was a doctor
("like every writer") before he discovered his talent
to write books. He authored the no1 top-seller
Der Turm which is about his past life in the GDR
and the reunion (snore!). The article tells us,
that he bought himself a zebra-hat, to show everyone,
that he is an artist now ...

Greets IB


Ilustration Friday: "Flawed"

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This girl has a pretty flawed haircut!

Fun fact:
This is one of the very few times
I gave a character pupils. I think I´ll do
this more often as it gives her face a lot
more expression than without.

And here´s a litte bonus piece.
Hope you enjoy it. Have a great day
and comments are welcome ;)