Coffee or tea?

Greetings from Brussels,

where I've been for some days
to see my aunt, she has some
really overstyled coffee cups,
(does that word exist, overstyled?)
Well, maybe it's just my drawing that is overstyled ;)



Maybe #3

Here‘s my contribution to Claudias ongoing postcard-project. I worked with gouache and colorpencils as well as cut outs of xerography odds and - pretty interesting stuff (!) - Burda pattern sheets.

To take a look at the former "Maybe" posts, click here and there.

Greets, Dieter


Now something completely different

This is not really the best time for any wintersports, but nevertheless - here‘s a variation of an image I did this spring for swiss magazine "Du" (take a look here). Now printed on an aluminium-plate in 50/70 cm. Photos by Maike Jauer.

Greets, Dieter


Endagered animals

Hello. Me again.
In the past time I worked for a Berlin fashion-company called MICHALSKY. The first projekt they did with me was a work they did with the WWF for endagered species (like above the iberian Lynx). I made several motivs they print on shirts. As they now told me the shirts were delivered to the Michalsky-stores last week and they were all sold out at the first day. That is nice.
The next thing will be an allover-print, which is a rather big thing :) and makes me happy.
Greetings IB



Hello there,
this is a part of my strange microcosmos. Showing students seriously working on naked girls and their work. Usually Iwanted to coulor up the pictures, but maybe I will leave it in the dark-tone and use colour only on the cover....
So long IB


Maybe #2

Hello beloved aerienners..
so after quite a while Claudias Project, the double-cards, which one half fit in a row with the cards of the other members, is now rolling. To refresh your mind, please click here. Above you see my card. Underneath you see our motives combined.

Regards IB


Freckles and Combs

Click for larger view. Larger view
means larger freckles!

I don´t just love to draw girls with tattoos,
I also love to draw girls with freckles, so here´s
a little summertime piece I did in one of my
notorious nightsessions. As usual, it turned out
completely different than I planned, and by "planned"
I mean "I just started drawing something and went
with whereever I was going with it". I´ve used color
a bit differently than I usually do - there´s a 
background color now!

Hey, you know what? You can click
on this to enlarge it as well!

And here´s another double page I did in the last couple
of days. I call it "Kammhund", which is a terrible
pun on "Kampfhund". At first I was struggling a lot
with this piece, especially the head, but as usual for
me the ending phase really turned things around a lot.
It´s interesting how my initial drawing phases
look very weird, and I just keep working on it
until it looks like something useful, and after
quite some time I really tighten it up.
This usually means that I´m only really
happy with it in the last 10% of my time working
on it - especially since I´m obsessed with
details, and at least for me these little things
make a huge difference on the expression
of my drawings.

I feel that whenever I have a lot of projects going on
is when I´m the most productive and in turn
the happiest. I really enjoy working on these
things like a maniac, up to the point when I
don´t even mind sitting in front of a computer
screen when it´s perfect sunshine outside
(at least I can do some balcony breaks or
go riding my old rusty bike from time to time).
I guess that confirms my long-time suspicion
that I´m a huge nerd, but I guess myself
and everybody else already knew this
all along.

See you later,

Airbags - Ethnographic Series #4

click to enlarge

My newest drawing was inspired by a sepiacolored picture, shot in the early 20th century by famous photographer Edward S. Curtis, showing a native indian whalehunter. Apart from any romanticism I was especially fascinated by this grotesque looking detail of primitve (and surely Freudian) airbags.

A colored version of this image will be part of Claudias „Maybe“- postcardproject.

Greets, Dieter


Kingdom Of Dust

My "MIKROKOSMOS" shows a mixture of poetry and micrographia, science:

            Jonathan Swift, Lilliput, booklouses and haiku (Ezra Pound).....
I decided to use the red colour only to get the dark violet. 
I really hope it will work.

By the way if someone of you is the owner of an 
english version of Gullivers travelling with the 
Grandville illustrations I hope we'll get in contact.

 still working in the dust




hi there,

long time no post...
this is my new letterpress card.
letterpress is just so very freaking awesome!
i hope i will post some of my microcosmos pages the next days.
'till then button up!