Wild Children

Mystic figures like "monkey boys", "wolf girls", or "gazelle boys" for example are all part of the lore of wild children. Those feral children have grown up with little or no human contact, and they are therefore unaware of human social behavior or language.

All over the world, all though history the stories about those cases are secretive and fascinating.

T.C. Boyle wrote in one of his last books about the story of Victor of Aveyron in France, 1799. And even the well known 200 year old drama of Kaspar Hauser is deeply interesting me. So again by way of trial I started some illustrations.

Greets, C.Pom



Here's a selection of mugshots I have been making during the past 37 weeks for the magazine Knack Focus. Every week they published an article about a famous individual from the cultural scene, which has been in contact with the court of justice.

greetz, Leen

mug shots knack focus


Das große Rauschen - Out now!

„Oleg sieht kleine Quadrate, das Stahlseil surrt, dann sieht er nichts mehr. In seinem Kopf ist ein großes Rauschen.“

We are very proud to announce that our longtime graphic novel project „Das große Rauschen“ – 50 short-stories from the heart of the capital city Berlin – will be available at 18th June, published by the Verlagshaus J. Frank, Berlin

You can order the book here.

Greets, Dieter