Melk & sneeuw

Wearing my Finnish striped Marimekko T-shirt, I could touch my printed comic book last Friday ! :)
Melk & sneeuw tells a story about Finland and about unpossible love.

I'm very glad with the result. Especially with the better lay-out of the book. Thank's to Dieter Jüdt for the help and tips he gave concerning the lay-out and also to encourage me to keep looking for a publisher! :)


EDO  - artist book

"Artists' books create liminal spaces that uncover new 
relations between, for instance, the private and the public, the aesthetic and the political, the gift and the commodity."
(One sentence from the ABoT Contest Call)

Therefore I felt to be called upon to create something special, 
as a reaction to the current political issue in the spring of 2011.
It was also shown at the Frankfurt Book Fair this year.