Relaxing in Thailand

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These are details of my work for our silkscreen project.
Maybe you've been in South-East Asia
and know how exhausting travel could be...



the travel of the boy with pierced heels in blue

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so this is it then!
the blueboybaby-oidipus...


the travel of the boy with pierced heels

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this is one of my proposals for our silkscreen-project
"7 reasons not to travel".
it shows baby oidipus who was abandoned
in the caucasus mountains with pierced heels.
there it was, where he started his journey in which
he ended up killing his father, making his mother pregnant,
hole-punching his eyes and beeing hunted to death
by the erinyes, the godesses of vengeance.
if that isn't a pretty good reason not to travel, i don't know what is...




JUMP - Badeschiff Spree

Here are two possible variations of my contribution for our forthcoming silkscreen-project "7 Reasons Not To Travel". Again, I work with jumping figures (see the cover-illustration of '"Der dreizehnte Monat" and some work I did for "Mirna Loy").

I like the impression of such figures - ignoring gravity, frozen moments.



Flyer-ing high

This is my flyer for our schools
annual exhibiton this summer.

Yeah, I admit it, I recycled the head
from a previous piece, but oddly
enough it looks much more in place here than
in the original drawing somehow...

Doing the highlights and tatoos was a lot of
fun and I´m surprised my ability to
draw halfway-realistic isn´t
completely rusted yet.

Handlettering, as usual. Lettering by hand
used to be my way of dealing with text
without having to know stuff about fonts
and layout programs (though I´m learning
about this more and more), but I really
like it as a quality on its own.


strange places

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so i have been in hamburg since may the first.
yesterday i started to make mincemeat of all the stuff
that i experienced so far, in a graphical way.
the nice thing about hamburg is that you can almost
go everywhere by foot.
'though i lost my way quite often in the first couple of weeks, i really
enjoy to wander around the streets of hamburg.
with music in my ears, a bottle of "astra" in my hand and with
head wind blowing through my hair.

"sprötze" by the way is an outlying district of hamburg.
also very nice is "voßloch", "övelgönne" or "sasel".
i want to do some illustrations with all the
district or street names that i like.
we will see what i will discover in the future!
with one eye open.




To Another Place

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An illustration for a befriended musician.
I wanted to add colour to the ink drawing,
but it looks quite interesting in greyscale...