NOUVEAU CATALOGUE (électronique)

Our artist collective Poste Aérienne is now active for seven years.

At this celebration, we set up a new website with full catalogue of our print publications. It presents our main projects like the silkscreen Accordion Books or the Mikrokosmos Box, as well as all single books in varied shapes and sizes. 

Artist Books coming soon!

It has been a time of rich cooperations with a lot of German and international independent illustrators. We've had the opportunity to work with numerous excellent bookshops and galleries in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy and the States - like Ivory Press Books / Supalife Kiosk / Last Gasp.

Poste Aérienne got to know great contemporary publishers like Media Vaca, lovely book and zine festivals like Grafixx, and of course - which is always a big pleasure - a lot of charming readers.

- Poste Aerienne



Hot off the press and now available in all book stores is a highly recommended book with hundreds of – birds. To be honest we should recite the book's complete title "Illustration – 100 Wege einen Vogel zu malen/100 ways to paint a bird". Because that leads to its real topic which is actually "Illustration".

On more than 330 pages author (and artist) Felix Scheinberger writes about our profession and passion, taking a look at art history and discussing the future possibilities of drawing and illustration.

The book is fully illustrated (only birds!) by more than 100 illustrators from all over the world. Poste Aérienne artists also take part of this fine publication. 

"Illustration – 100 Wege einen Vogel zum malen" by Felix Scheinberger, is published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt, Mainz.

- Dieter



Grafixx zine fest 2013 (Antwerp) had extended compared to last year! More lectures, expositions, zine and silkscreen ateliers, life sketch, zine shop and more… Poste Aérienne got again the opportunity to sell it's publications. Headliners for me was a lecture of Ward Zwart and exposition of Benoit Guillaume.

Cheers, Leen