What I´ve been doing (between doing nothing)

Hi everybody!

It´s been quite a long time since my last blog post,
so let´s jump right in without further ado!

I´ve been designing the cover for the next issue
of Dolor Magazine, published by the nice
Michael Meier at Rotopol, which is about 90% finished. 
I did a little cheesy Photoshop rendering of how
it might look like when it´s printed. I chose these
nice wooden planks as a background, so if you´re
going to spend a sunny day at a nice pond somewhere
it might end up looking exactly like in this picture.
Once this is out I´ll let you know right here!

Going from fake wood backgrounds to real wood backgrounds,
next up is my new sticker set which has just been released.
My mexian friend Inés, aka the one half of 
Café con leche asked me if I wanted
which, naturally, I did. You can check them
out as well as order them here.

I also started dipping my toes into other fields
of illustration, and because I can´t just draw
girls with tattoos all day long I decided to try
out some handlettering.

These are great fun and a good way for me to
stay busy even when I´m taking a break from
my bigger projects.

Me as a very small kid. Just thought I´d
throw that in here. I actually still have this wooden
toy snail, though the paint on its wheels is worn down.
I must have dragged this thing around with me for
quite some time.

Anyways, that´s it for now, see you later!



Peking Hotel

000x planed its seventeens number "Peking Hotel".
I designed several postcards with a poem of Li Bo "Selbstvergessenheit"
or in general with the theme of peace and harmony.
The Swiss 000x- team chose a decorative motive.
Perhaps too many designers took the chance and present something political?
We will see in december.