Captain Beefheart 2

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Just finished the first Captain Beefheart-Page. I think this style (with grey and black structures) works well and it's practical for me, too... But I'm not satisfied with the usual lettering-fonts. Perhaps a kind of handwriting would be right?

Greetings, Dieter


Captain Beefheart

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Hello again, here comes the first inked page of a new graphic-novel-project (I announced some informations) dedicated to the eccentric and sometimes enigmatic person of Don Van Vliet, better known as Captain Beefheart.
Van Vliet was the singer and harmonica player (occasionally playing an untrained noisy saxophone) of his accompanying band „The Magic Band“. His compositions are characterized by their odd mixtures of shifting time signatures, often based on archaic blues-structures, and their surreal lyrics („a squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast‘n bulbous. Got me?“). The Captain himself is noted for his dictatorial approach to his musicians. Despite the lack of commercial success, his influence on musicians of the early punk movement and new wave, has been described as „incalculable“.

More Information about „The Adventures of Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band“ (working-title) and the cooperation with Carl-Ludwig Reichert (writer) in the next days.

„Hobo chang ba“


Sarah Magazine

This magazine is started by the belgian ephameron to collect funds, to help her friend Sarah pay a 'cochlear implant'. The zine has illustrations of around a hundred international artists, under which Craig Atkinson, Tom Gauld, Robert Rebotti, and myself,
and you can get it here...



Blue Christmas

Every year I make a small drawn Christmas card using my favourite pencils, the marvelous Faber Polychromos, on coloured paper. This December I‘ve worked with an image of two „bluesy“ mexican musicians (a variation of a drawing from my b+w artist-book „30 days“). I really like the melancholic mood of these figures.

Merry Christmas to all of you, especially to friends in Ukraina and Israel, too!



Even if I would very much like to hear from you before the change of years,
I want to wish you at this point a mery non-violent family x-mas and a succesful and (for the case that you drink and smoke like I do) healthy new year.

Hugs IB


Belletristik 07

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The newest issue of Berlin-based magazine Belletristik - Zeitschrift für Literatur und Illustration tried something new: Various artists gave drawings and comics and authors wrote new stories or poems regarding to these illustrations. You can find a new comic-shortstory there (four pages), with words by Dominic Angeloch, titled „Peripeteia“.



Ape World

Hi there!

Just somewhat finished a painting of a planned series - "Violent Apes". It is my largest painting so far, 45 cm by 70 cm. Maybe I will get back to it in a couple of weeks to add some final details and change the background a little...

Have a great day,



Hello there dear post aerienners, hello Boris,
I come up with some black an white work. So not that much for the heart like yours, Boris...
These are two drawings I did for the Pandora 4 Magazine which will be out in the beginning next year. The story by Lewis Padgett is a kind of Sci-Fi thing, which was first published 1943 about a drunken scientist and his narcistic robot (very short version). These fine line drawings aren`t the best to show digitally, but well I hope it works. Greets IB


Similar (illustration friday)

These drawings are an experiment, initially coming from the desire for a more soulful technique. Black and white drawings can be strong but they're maybe more rational, it's rather the colour that speaks to the heart. 
So, similar linework, new technique.
I'm very curious about your opinion...

The first is a view of St.Excupéry's Southern Mail,
and this a new version of the Budapest drawing.

this shows the thermal bath of the famous Gellert Hotel,
a luxury hotel on Danube's banks. (hm, doesn't look
THAT luxurious on the sketch...)

(unfortunaty, this blogger changes the colour very much,
takes the yellow out of the images. Somebody knows how
to deal with this?)




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The tradition of early reportage-drawing in Germany ended in 1938 when the Nazis took control over the sector of public image policy. In the USA, for example, this tradition enjoyed a longer life - magazines such as Life and National Geographic published illustrations from artists like Robert Weaver up through the 1970s.
Until now it‘s very unusual to use drawings for illustrated reports... so I was very interested, as mare - The Magazine of the Seas asked me if I‘d like to illustrate a longer non-fiction article about the Pacific Island of Guam (the island of snakes!).

Now you can find these illustrations in the current mare-Magazine, No. 71.

Greetings, Dieter


Kassel is the new Russia

Here´s my submission for the "Russians"
exhibition our friends at Rotopol hosted.
I think the black frame suits it very well!

Click here to see all the other stunning
entries, there is some very fine stuff
hanging on their walls.

Frederik Jurk

t shirt contest

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Please vote for my shirts at lafraise.de.
You have to do a login first, and I know that sucks, but still:
It won't harm you and it makes me happy, so....

have a nice day out in the snow.