DAS SCHWARZE SCHAF - artist book

This little artist book was made for the book object box "Dem Bär gefällt's" - project published by the NEUES KUNSTHAUS AHRENSHOOP. The short poem from Christoph Kuhn inspired me to this special Original Graphic Book Design for children. (Size 11x11cm, technique linocut). The edition will be shown
at the Book Fair in Frankfurt. You can also visit the exhibition "Das Künstlerbuch VI" starting from the 30'th September until the 4'th December in the Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel.


Zen Bubbles

Hi there!

I thought the upcoming Frankfurt Book Fair, which we will
attend again this year (of course!) would be the perfect time
to unveal my new book project which is still in its
very early, delicate inception stage. I just finished
my new promo postcard celebrating my decision to go
with this topic. It will also be my diploma.

There are a great many books about meditation, many of
which are great introductions into the matter, my favourite being 
by the incredible Jon Kabat-Zinn, but I decided
to go ahead and form my own version of how to present
these concepts and wrap them into a nice package
of (hopefully) pretty little pictures.

It is by no means pretending to be a
be-all, end-all guide on meditation,
but a light-hearted, easy-going, hand-holding introduction.
 (It helps that I´ve started doing meditation only a couple of
months ago, so I still have a fresh new view on what it feels
like to start with it.)


I´ve also vastly changed my website, which includes
first and foremost all the new editorial stuff I´ve been
busy with in the past few months.

Time flies!

See you at the book fair!




I spend a few days seeing a friend, walking in the Tauber valley and crossing the vineyards near Würzburg. The drawing will be published in a short booklet which opens a new series of travelbooks.

It's such a fine feeling to be on the road again. I'd like to travel much more than work allows me.

Best regards, Boris


Mikrokosmos: 2nd Preview

The new booklets circle around ambitious themes like Western literature classics, Asian poetry and Swedish party holidays in a VW 'Bulli'. This last book's something like a drawn roadtrip by Michael Zander.

Artists of the latest books (from left to right) :

The books are now printed by Treu Arti Grafiche in Italy.
You can discover the first fresh copies on Frankfurt Bookfair:
We're on booth n° K507 in hall 4.1

See you there from 12th to 16th of october!

Best regards,


The Transfiguration of 9/11

The TAZ asked me to make an illustration for the frontpage of their special issue dedicated the anniversary of 9/11. I started with some sketches. One idea was to visualize a weapon-fair booth, decorated with wreckage of the twin tower buildings. The second one (which I prefered) was a kind of „pop-art visualization“. We decided to work on this idea...

... and I did a pencil drawing mixed with some photocopied parts. The drawing should not only treat the remembering of the 9/11 event,...

..but also the new developements in weapons technology and face recognation (the USA produced a new combat aircraft called „Raptor“ and very spacy lookin anti-aircraft-aeroplanes in the last years).

Only some hours before printing the size of the (now colored) illustration changed from portrait to landscape. But during all modifications the image still keeps its fine pop-art-appeal.

- Dieter


A new publication

Now out is a publication including my new pencil drawings, titled „L‘invitation au voyage“. This 16paged artistbook was inspired by a short story with the same title of „poéte maudit“ Charles Baudelaire, selected from his book „Le spleen de Paris“.

Printed on heavy paper (200 g), carefully handbound and limited on 25 copies. Available at the current exhibition at gallery erstererster, Berlin, and at our Poste Aérienne booth, this October at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

- Dieter


"Poéte maudit"

"Den Kult der Bilder verherrlichen
(meine grosse, meine einzige, meine ursprünglichste Leidenschaft)."

Charles Baudelaire

This is one of my favourite quotations of Baudelaire, the poet who identifies himself with the tragic albatross.
The graphic was made for our exhibition „Poete maudit“ in Berlin. It is such a great theme like Dieter and Ib said. Special thanks and greetings to Andreas Rauth!



Nest magazine

Some illustrations I did for a new client, called Nest magazine. I went to Limburg to visit the marl caves of Kanne and to make sketches there. I also wrote the article. I think they did a nice job with the lay-out. Greetz, Leen