Once again a fine illustration job,
for a belgian magazine with a text by Claude Raucy.

In Memoriam: Don Van Vliet (1941-2010)

The enigmatic musician and artist Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart died last Fryday from complications of multiple sclerosis.

Captain Beeheart and his Magic Band drew attention in the 1960s with their special mixture of free jazz, psychedelia, delta blues and rock & roll combined with odd rhythms and absurdist lyrics. 1969 saw the release of the Captains best known album, Trout Mask Replica, which was produced by his childhood friend Frank Zappa, today regarded as a groundbreaking art-rock masterpiece. His music has always been more influential - especially on punk and new wave - than popular. At the early 80‘s Van Vliet retired from performing to devote himself to painting and drawing

„I thought Trout Mask Replica was the greatest album ever made - and I still do.“ Matt Groening

See some drawings of our graphic novel project „The Adventures of Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band“, here, here and there.

- Dieter


Perfume bottles for Weekend Knack

Some time ago I had an assignment for the
important Belgian lifestyle magazine: Weekend Knack
I made 28 small illustrations of perfume bottles!
They used it for the cover too!
Woehaa!!!   :)



summary of 'Single Covers' in Brugge


My exhibition 'Single Covers' in Brugge is already a few months over.
 I'm actually preparing my next exhibition.
Between all those busy times I would forget to post some stuff.
So here are some pictures. :)

I made also an exclusive print for this exhibition.
It shows Marvin Gaye in Ostend. 


Light Eaters and Pidgin German - mare #83

Does anyone knew that the southpacific island of Samoa was part of the former german empire? Indeed! At the beginning of the 20th century, the Mount Kilimanjaro, the big Victoria Sea, the diamant mines of today Southwest Africa, some smaller landscapes around chinese town Tsingtau and a big part of New Guinea belonged to the kingdom of the bizarre Wilhelm II. The history of german colonies came abruptly to an end with World War I.

The December issue of mare-magazin, # 83, takes a closer look on some special items of this part of german history. Very exiting is the story of early german dropouts, based on the idyllic island Kabakon. There, the disciples around charismatic franconian pharmacist August Engelhardt decided exclusively to feed on coconuts. But their last and ultimative aim was to abstain any earthly food and live only on the absorption of light!
Almost lost and forgotten are some special colonial language variations - the mixture of German with native african speech and, very exotic, a special kind of Pidgin German, only spoken in one part of the Bismark Archipel.

The magazin asked me to make a double-paged map of those former colonies. So I did it with prominent help of an ancient book, bougth years ago at a southgerman flee market: Rudolf Schmidt's Bayrischer Schulatlas, 1910.

- Dieter


What I´ve been doing (between doing nothing)

Hi everybody!

It´s been quite a long time since my last blog post,
so let´s jump right in without further ado!

I´ve been designing the cover for the next issue
of Dolor Magazine, published by the nice
Michael Meier at Rotopol, which is about 90% finished. 
I did a little cheesy Photoshop rendering of how
it might look like when it´s printed. I chose these
nice wooden planks as a background, so if you´re
going to spend a sunny day at a nice pond somewhere
it might end up looking exactly like in this picture.
Once this is out I´ll let you know right here!

Going from fake wood backgrounds to real wood backgrounds,
next up is my new sticker set which has just been released.
My mexian friend Inés, aka the one half of 
Café con leche asked me if I wanted
which, naturally, I did. You can check them
out as well as order them here.

I also started dipping my toes into other fields
of illustration, and because I can´t just draw
girls with tattoos all day long I decided to try
out some handlettering.

These are great fun and a good way for me to
stay busy even when I´m taking a break from
my bigger projects.

Me as a very small kid. Just thought I´d
throw that in here. I actually still have this wooden
toy snail, though the paint on its wheels is worn down.
I must have dragged this thing around with me for
quite some time.

Anyways, that´s it for now, see you later!



Peking Hotel

000x planed its seventeens number "Peking Hotel".
I designed several postcards with a poem of Li Bo "Selbstvergessenheit"
or in general with the theme of peace and harmony.
The Swiss 000x- team chose a decorative motive.
Perhaps too many designers took the chance and present something political?
We will see in december.



Thank you for visiting! ♥

So the bookfair is over already, and we had a great
time again, meeting lots of new people, old friends
and even some artists from our own group
that have never seen each other before - 
given that our members come from
all over Germany and Belgium.

So thank all of you wonderful people
for dropping by, and if you missed it, don´t
worry: We´re going to go next year
for sure, with even more new stuff!

Your Poste Aérienne-Team.


The King of Cool

Barbara (former Minty) McQueen, has compiled a book about her time with husband Steve McQueen. The legendary actor, well known for a lot of popular movie classics like „The Magnificent Seven“, „Bulitt“, „The Getaway“ or „Papillon“ and his passion for any kind of motor-races, died 30 years ago. This report about his last years, living withdrawn together with his third wife Barbara in rural environment, offers some really new and unexpected views on the King Of Cool. In my opinion really „autumn-reading-stuff“.

I did two doublepaged illustrations, one as an intro the other at the end of the book. Today my free copies came by mail and I was very pleased about. Great bookdesign, rare photographies, fine printing.
The book is now out, published by Ankerherz under the title „Mein McQueen“.

Greets, Dieter


Frankfurt Book Fair 2010

Like the last few years we´re
going to the Frankfurt Book Fair again this year,
with more new stuff than ever before!
We´re also going to come there with more people
than ever before, so a good time is pretty
much guaranteed. Make sure to write
down our booth number, drop by,
say Hi, and check out what we´ve
done during the last year.

As the main new publication we´re
presenting our new series of minibooks
"Mikrokosmos" (Microcosm), where a
whooping 12 different artists from all over the world
have contributed to, each with their own
little two-color book. Aside from that we again
have the full range from compilation books to
postcards to buttons to prints, so our little
booth will be stuff to the top this year!

See you there!

Poste Aérienne proudly presents:

· M I K R O K O S M O S ·
12 artists from Belgium, Germany,
Canada and Columbia explore their personal
illustrated world in a 12 pages miniature booklet:

Boris Servais · Cléo Schwinkowski

Henrik Drescher

Frederik Jurk · Peter Hoffmann

Felix Scheinberger

Dieter Juedt · Antje Herzog


Max Fiedler · Leen Van Hulst

Jim Pluk

The books are printed - in two pantone colors
on fine Munken paper - by a specialized printer
for miniature books in Italy.

We're very excited to present the collection
next week on the Frankfurt Book Fair
and hope to see you there!

Kind regards, Boris


Still Gulliver

Harmonizing with my Mikrokosmos #9 I'll present on the 
bookfair 2010 in Frankfurt 
an edition of GULLIVERS REISEN 
(Emil Vollmer Verlag, 1960 ).

It is  decorated with about 45 illustrations, 
copies from Grandvilles engravings and in addition to 
them a few insects as a reference to the London 
intellectual group round Jonathan Swift 
(Alexander Pope, Dr. John Arbuthnot,...)



Some illustrations in pink

Here is a series of new illustrations - front page and some text accompanying drawings -

- done last week for the past weekend-issue of the TAZ.

Greets, Dieter


New monster studies

Some new drawings for a humoristic book about occultism,
ill will and strange creatures include this fellow:

Historians assume that elephant skulls could be at the origin
of the cyclops legend. These skulls have a hole in the front,
at the place of the trunk (elephant nose). Due to a lack of
anatomy knowledge, this hole was maybe interpreted as
cavity of the eye...

Regards, Boris


Robots Reimagined

Hi there,

just a quick one, I am on my way to a canoe ride near Berlin: I made some full-color-versions of the robots I drew for our edition. The fractals in the background are a nice feature that Illustrator provides.



Mikrokosmos · Hamburg

Hello there! My mikrokosmos book tells a short
story about my "flathunt" in Hamburg.
Some of you already know St. Pauli, Altona,
Eimsbüttel, Wilhelmsburg and these other great
parts of town.

Flathunting (I was surprised by that term, very fitting
translation) in Hamburg can be like sightseeing,
but as in Munich, it can really be difficult.
People often search for weeks or months,
and finally stay in minuscule rooms because of the
frightfully high rents. (especially artists :)

I like this very special town with the impressive harbour,
spacious alleys and beautiful architecture,
Alster channels and the many 'alternative' districts,
not to forget the big illustrators scene.

Hamburg has a great energy.

On monday the books go to the printer - in Italy!
Best regards, Boris