Continuing the Berlin-Stories

The Captain is on his way, now it‘s time to go on with our „Dogville-Berlin“ project. As I‘ve posted here, the announced release-date for this book shall be during March. Yeesss. Verena wrote a lot of new stories and I started to illustrate them last week. Here is an example of my work in progress, a new story with working-title „Crazy-Man-Michael“ (words by Verena Postweiler).

So far I can see, it‘s indeed al lot of work to do until March...

Greetings, Dieter


Airing out

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I´m currently working on illustrating
a haiku, which is part of our illustration
class this semester. The format
we´re supposed to use is quite
tall (or wide, we could choose the
orientation) so I´m giving you some
additional detail shots.

"Airing out
the bedding
and the cat"
-Kobayashi Issa

I think this is the most interesting
I´ve drawn so far.

I´m still experimenting with
digital drawing some more, and
I like the painterly, soft feeling this piece
has. My older digital work looked
way too flat for my liking, but now
I start to produce images I´m pretty
satisfied with.

It was quite some work but I enjoyed
every second of it. I hope you can see
the love in it, too!



Illustration Friday: "Pale"

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"Pale blue skies - perfect weather
for flying!"

Beefheart - again

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Last days I‘ve completed the “example-pages“ of the mentioned graphic novel „The Adventures of Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band“, some conceptional work was also done. Now our book will be chaptered into three main parts:
1) The youth of Don and Frank (Zappa) - the originstory of Captain Beefheart 2) Trout Mask Replica (Recording sessions a.s.o.) and 3) the legendary concert at the Jahrhunderthalle Höchst, Frankfurt, Germany 1972.

It‘s really cool for me to work with author Carl-Ludwig Reichert. When I was 18 years old I discoverd his previous band, the bavarian „Sparifankal“ (which means something like „ naughty little devil“). Sparifankal was the only german beefheart-influenced music-group, they played a strange kind of „folkish garage rock“ - very unique at their time and today. C.L. also got a fine reputation as writer about popcultural issues. He published biographies of Frank Zappa, the Ducks, did some books about blues, folk and rock and translated lyrics of Jim Morrison and Bob Marley.

Now its time for us to contact various publishing houses - international publishers are welcome!



Illustration Friday: "Contained"

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"Back then when kids used to play around
outside, fun also contained the
occasional pain."

This is what my stuff looks like when I
do some experiments digitally. I did some
scribbles on my new Wacom Bamboo Fun
(nice hardware!) yesterday but it all ended
up looking waaay too artificial, but this here
is something I´m pretty satisfied with.
I roughed up the smooth edges to give it
a more ripped paper look, and now that
I look at it it reminds me of the polish
I adore so much.

I used to be pretty anti-digital some
years ago, but I realized it´s not that
those two worlds are separate from each
other. By the way, I did this in GIMP,
the best alternative to Photoshop you
can get, and being Open Source software
it´s free of charge. Sorry, I had to
write a little advertisement here,
but I just love it ;)

In any case, this was a lot of fun
to do and I drew this pretty much non-stop.
Hope you enjoy it too!



I just finished a poster for www.knowmore.org which hopefully will be spread all over the US. Just have a look on this page. You will find some interesting stuff.



Jitter 04 - Ian Miller

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One of my heros in illustration is the extraordinary british artist Ian Miller. His illustrations range from loose figure sketches in pencil and charcoal to pen and ink drawings of complex artefacts, twisted trees or strange mechanical animals. In many of his pictures there`s a sense of grotesque... I appreciate his work since his early books for Dragon Dream and his excellent drawings for „A Tolkien Bestiary“. His graphic-novel „The Luck in the Head“ is one of my all time favourites ever. I compiled a longer text about his work, techniques and career which will be printed (together with fine artwork) in the newest issue of „Jitter - Magazin für Bildgestaltung“.

The picture above is a kind of hommage to Ian Millers work. I‘ve made this image years ago, original used for an exhibition-poster of my comic-work.



Hi everyone,

...another ape, also without the finishing touch. I will let this one aside for a while and maybe paint something nice after all.



Ghosts, everywhere!

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Just a couple of days ago I realized
I haven´t done anything proper for
A WHOLE MONTH. Real life issues
and the christmas season caused my work routine
to take a nosedive - my girlfriend got a mechanical
heart valve (when I sit next to her without any other
sound sources I can hear it ticking like a loud
pocket watch), which was a preventive operation
since she´s got a heart defect since birth.
She´s very fine now and she´s going to be
much fitter after she gets back in shape,
but nevertheless it was quite a stressful
time and I´m either not the type or not
consistent enough in my work habits to
be able to get creative stuff done under
such stress.

Anyways, the second picture is a drawing
that´s a couple of years old, and I still
really enjoy it, so I´m planning on turning
this idea into a series of drawings and
maybe turn it into a little production run
of pocket-size booklets. I´m in the mood
of doing something lighthearted and I already
have some plans with these little ghosts here.
Hope you enjoy it!