Sketches April

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I’ve been doing these drawings for the last weeks - every morning one of them, before work. This time I paid more attention to the negative spaces than to the actual outline of the motives, e.g. little shadows and things like that. Somehow this way of perception feels good and I like how it changes my drawing-process.


recent monster studies

Here's one of some new b/w drawings, maybe for a new
encyclopedia or another book in the same format.

btw. I'm very happy that some of my encyclopedias will soon
be distributed by Last Gasp (San Francisco).

Regards, Boris


Hidden Rabbitfish

I'm back from Egypt. 
It wasn't a long journey and I didn't see Kairo or a pyramid like 
Gertrude Bell or Amelia Edwards (1877).

But now I'm an open water diver and did my first step in the sea world.


Pergamonmuseum Berlin

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The quest for ancient buildings and mysterious treasures, dark looking Arabians and bearded (but always well fashioned) European Aristocrats, steamblowing railways and the dust of endless deserts are the right stuff for nostalgic oriental adventures. To connect a vintage illustrationstyle with archaeological issues was a pretty fine idea of Berlin based design-agency Poliform. In the last month we worked together on a poster-competition for the forthcoming exhibition „Tell Halaf“, which will show a collection of immemorial sculptures from the Near East.

I‘m sorry to say that the Pergamonmuseum decided at least for another, I presume more conservative and likely boring, design. Nevertheless here‘s our work, typo and design by Poliform.

Greets, Dieter


How I Work

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While I was working on a contribution
for the small (small in the literal sense, it´s only
10x10cm) comic anthology "Aua! Aua! Heiß! Heiß!"
I took a screenshot and somehow lost a good 15 minutes
on turning it into a nice little map on how I work.

Yeah, it´s definitely not as interesting as showing
a desk filled with brushes, colors and papers,
(there´s just random nonsense lying on my actual desk
right now, as well as around 1000 empty tea cups)
but that´s the downside of working digitally ;)

Hope you enjoy it!
Frederik ♫



Hello !
Well I rented an atelier. I used the first time just to do a work, in which I could get in touch with materials again. What a pleasure to feel the papers and to mess around in bigger size, far off any computer. Well the subject, good old Childhood-Dirty Harry Callahan suited fine in this playing.. It has already found its way to a new happy owner.
I will give it more time for PA Projects now. With love from IB



Here's an update from the things I'm doing right now!
I discovered screen printing and I'm really into it!
These are pictures of some prints I've made in
the printmaking atelier in Antwerp.
I'll show them on the Women at work expo in June,
combined with more designs of 45 single album covers.

greetz and happy Easter!


Side Project II

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This is another row of non-objective drawings I made alongside some design-commissions. Although they feel a bit overdone to me, I like the Deathstar-/aerial view-vibe about it. And it is harder than I thought to draw a few circles without making them look like a face.

Warm regards,