A Day At The Museum

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Last Thursday I offered my students drawing-studies at the Ethnological Museum, Berlin-Dahlem (as first part of the courses in „character-design“). So we took sketchbooks and pencils and spent a whole day at this highly recommended museum. The students should collect (only by drawing!) different figures, characterized by unusual proportions, the using of pattern, ornaments and abstract forms.

In the afternoon I had a little bit time for my own and I did some small sketches at the South-Sea-Collection.



More Rock‘n Roll

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This weekend I‘ve made the first sketches of a new graphic-novel - a drawn biopic about one of the most important rock-musicians ever. More informations in the next weeks...

On the panel above you can see a young (later) rockstar between other members of his family (he isn‘t the main character but in our play he‘s very important, too).

Can anyone identify this moody young fellow, any ideas?



New Sculpture

Hi there,

just finished a new scuplture - hope it is creepy enough!



Posting about posters / Pretend (Illustration Friday)

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Get your diploma and be
king for a day. Or queen, obviously.


I somehow aquired the reputation of being a
very quick working student at my illustration
class, so it happens quite a lot that my
professor Bernd Mölck-Tassel asks
me if I want to put together a poster or
a quick illustration for certain projects, and
I ALWAYS say "Yes".

That all of a sudden lead to a thunderstorm
of deadlines (as I recently posted), and now I´m
almost at the finish line of this falls most
hectic time. So here are two posters I´ve been
working on in the last four days. The one
above is for our diploma party and the other
one is for the "Poems for kids" exhibition.

Compression makes this one look
ugly. So please click to enlarge!

Sometimes people attribute my style with
words like "easygoing" or "spontaneous", but
you can´t imagine the amount of Photoshop
trickery I used on the second poster. I also
tend to get a certain feeling of panic when the
days last remaining hours tick away as I
sit on my desk and have a complete creative
blackout. It also doesn´t help that I
want to produce work that I can be proud of,
so sometimes my high goals can block
me quite a bit.

But I have to say, the last few months
(making the book, the book fair and the
tight schedule after that) have been very
exciting, and I guess I learned how to
deal with tight deadlines a lot better now.

Hope you enjoy my new stuff ;)

-Frederik Jurk

I Don't Need No One

click and I will fall

I just discovered Paint.
I just love Paint.
I don't need no friends, when I have Paint.

I am a happy person.

Love you all.


This Day Has Too Many Tentacles

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My first post ever made, ladies and gentlemen!

I made this illustration for a friend of mine
and it is somewhat like a letter I never finished to write.
Instead of writing him this letter, I decided to draw him a message.
It shows my friend not being able to speak 'cause his mouth
mutated into an octopuss.
Sometimes you just don't know what to say.
(No te olvidarse, amigo)

I hope you have a day without too many tentacles.



Half A Thunderstorm

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This is the a new illustration for our
classes "Poems for kids" project.
The poem (which translating to English would lead to all
kinds of trouble) is about the vowels going on
a vacation, leaving the "Thndrstrm"
very weak and awkwardly silent.

"Das O und alle drei E
Gingen auf Urlaubsreise.
Da knurrte das Dnnrwttr
Nur noch merkwürdig leise."
Josef Guggenmos

And while it LOOKS like it would make a lot of noise,
the soundwords translate into stuff like "Yawn",
"Peep", "Bubble", "Fart" and similar feeble sounds.

I´m very much into b/w pieces right now, it saves me A LOT of time,
but I also really start to appreciate the punchy contrast it has.
At first I though that b/w doesn´t fit well with illustration for
children, but it´s not like they need sugary sweet stuff in their
faces all the time, and besides, it´s not like
this motive is bleak in any way ;)

Belle Vedere

Belle Vedere is a poetic lovestory
in which words stay silent.

You can purchase the book
by contacting the author
via the image links to the right.

Adrian Wylezol



Some pictures from my recent trip to Hungary - 
with different views of the Fisherman's Bastion and the parliament.

The great city of Budapest has a certain warmth that you 
may have experienced, if you've already been there.
Traveling hungary time and again since my childhood, 
it has a quite familiar feeling to me.




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This is a submission I did
for an exhibition at ROTOPOL ,
a small but dedicated shop/publisher/collective in
Kassel, Germany. The subject is "Russians", and
I went for this quite androgynous looking character.
I planned on coloring it, too, but then I thought that
it was stronger just in b/w. I can´t wait to see how it looks like
printed and hanging in their rooms!


Obama or McCain?

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Famous science-fiction-writer Isaac Asimov gave no answer to this question, as he wrote his short story „Franchise“ in 1955:
In the future of the year 2008 (!) the United States has converted to an „electronic democracy“ where the computer Multivac selects a single person to answer a number of questions. Multivac will then use the answers and other data to determine what the results of an election would be, avoiding the need for an actual election to be held. The story centers around Norman Muller, the man chosen as „Voter of the Year“ in 2008...

The german daily newspaper TAZ published this story yesterday (on election-day). I‘ve made two images for them (on Sunday... hard work). Showing some vintage computer-details like those old-fashioned computertapes - look like oversized MCs.


Frankfurt Book Fair Impressions

Take a look at these lovely pictures Max Ruf did
of our booth. Click on each one to enlarge.

That´s me to the right. I like to talk a lot!

Frederik Jurk


The Fly

The fly, a small animal, that faithfully joins us since the prehistory,
has accelerated many writers and scientists. The fly implicates
the whole bandwidth of human behaviour and sensation:
horror, erotic, disgust, tenderness and power.
It is fascinating to collect all those images and to
discover her in any story, words and life.

On the bookfair'08 in Frankfurt I also presented a filing-cabinet,
"THE FLY" including illustrating cards and words,
visualized thoughts of writers and entomologists,
celebrating the wonder of life and lies about flies.

contact: claudia@c-pom.de

Claudia Pomowski


Nice interview

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The newest issue of Quer Magazine (Design-Magazine of the Fachhochschule Trier) shows an interesting, double-paged interview about my illustration-work for magazines and my working-techniques (how to get ideas, working with collage-elements, etc.). Questions by Rebecca Conrad.

Dieter Jüdt

A couple-a sketches

Being really busy with some graphic-design works, I recently started drawing without any reference material. Sounds odd maybe, but after years of life-drawing, I find that really liberating. I just start and see, where the pen takes me. Here are some results, mostly sketches I did in 10 - 30 minutes, in-between jobs...

Have a great day,