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So the bookfair is over already, and we had a great
time again, meeting lots of new people, old friends
and even some artists from our own group
that have never seen each other before - 
given that our members come from
all over Germany and Belgium.

So thank all of you wonderful people
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The King of Cool

Barbara (former Minty) McQueen, has compiled a book about her time with husband Steve McQueen. The legendary actor, well known for a lot of popular movie classics like „The Magnificent Seven“, „Bulitt“, „The Getaway“ or „Papillon“ and his passion for any kind of motor-races, died 30 years ago. This report about his last years, living withdrawn together with his third wife Barbara in rural environment, offers some really new and unexpected views on the King Of Cool. In my opinion really „autumn-reading-stuff“.

I did two doublepaged illustrations, one as an intro the other at the end of the book. Today my free copies came by mail and I was very pleased about. Great bookdesign, rare photographies, fine printing.
The book is now out, published by Ankerherz under the title „Mein McQueen“.

Greets, Dieter