Collage - Sites of Crime

There are two sites of crime with different use of physical strength, that are bound to occur in format vary.
While the first, C.Pom still acts as a "deskperson", Ib Jorn deals with "Wrestling-Power" since a few months. He fights a glorious battle of materials with great show of strength!

Greets PA



Pacifist Skyrim -

contribution to the very nice Skueruem blog initiated
by Thomas Wellmann.
Cheers, Boris Servais



I started some time ago, to take a sketchbook with me to make some doodles and sketches of people and objects while waiting. I like really like to use the blue and red pencils. They give another feeling while drawing on the paper, compared to the regular pencils. 



Thumbs up, thumbs down

I´ve been doing some editorial work in the past year, and this
piece for an article about US rating agencies and the whole
Greece problem for DIE ZEIT is the latest one I did. 

I really love how they worked the illustration into
the layout. I enjoy doing editorial work a lot
because of the snappy deadlines and the
specific connection a drawing has with
the text. You get a call, and a couple
of days and a few calls and emails later
you can see the piece on newsstands all 
across the country. A very satisfying way
to work!




Hello dear PA-ers,

it has been a longer time since I came with some drawings.
These are some pictures from my ›work in progress‹ in hells kitchen. At the moment I work around with collages from parts of my pencil drawings which I`ve cutted to pieces before, what looks weird sometimes..

On the other hand I fight with coloured papers I rip off walls in the street, what came to some rather abstract results.

Finally I try to combine these. This is, due to the d
ifferent materials, difficult.
But I keep on trying and bring more details to our blogg soon.
Hope to see and hear from you soon.
Best IB


Portraits & New Work

Some of the things on which I'm working this year. This is one of the originals for the monsters book, that are probably gonna be exhibited in Hamburg at the invitation of GUI-GUI end of the year.

The portrait is the first in a new series of drawings about imaginary beeings, some kind of 'fantasy' portraits if you like.

I'd like to make an exhibition next year in my native East Belgian city Eupen, although time is very short. I hope it's gonna be possible.

It is ink drawings with an acrylic 'wash' - watercolor painting.

Cheers, Boris Servais