Who said »Petit Prince«?


This is a CD-packaging I worked on two weeks ago. It is for a jazz-trio – »Kahiba« - and a nice mix between graphic-design and illustration. The central motiv is based on so-called »
stereographic images« or »little planets«, a photographic technique which I did not have the time to scope out entirely, but really enjoyed looking at. In the end, this is more a graphic-design-job, but it had its moments...



Salon F.L.T.M.

Discovering Eisbär magazine (scroll down), meeting fellow countrymen and watching sweded movies made part of a great day in Lille last weekend. The public has shown keen interest in our work and it was a pleasure to discuss similarities and differences with French independent comics.

barbecue atmosphere at l'hybride:
Almost each person you see here is an artist!




Here comes a recently coloured new comic-strip about a couple tortured by insomnia. This short story (part of our Berlin-Graphic-Novel) works even without words!
Greets, Dieter


45 - Book Design

In the last days we've (Peter and I) worked intensively on the book design of the next Poste Aérienne publication -

Now we are very satisfied how all elements - the typo, the varied illustrations in different styles - fit together. Here are some snapshoots of our working-sessions.

Greets, Dieter

Graphzine Festival in France!

On saturday 26th, the "Salon Fais-Le-Toi-Même" opens its doors
in Lille (F).

For the second time, this unique event will show
- self-published books, silkscreen prints and fanzines -
- independent labels -
- short movies and animations -
all "Do-It-Yourself".

On this very sympathic fair I'll present our artist books
and new leporello. If you like to discover latest
underground art from Paris, Brussels, London,
Canada even, come by and have a look.

Uh - you live a 900 km away?

Greetings, Boris


Paper Clip Animals

Another page of my current project
which I am still working on,
A book for children, written by
Hendrikje Grossmann

Regards Adrian!

TAZ - One Year Lehman Crisis

click to enlarge

The TAZ produced a special edition about consequences and results (and new perspectives) of the current economic crisis. I did the cover-illustration.



Illustration Friday: "Welcome"

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"I welcome you with a ROOOAAAR!"

I made quite some progress on this piece today,
I´d say it´s 80% finished. After a couple of
weeks of pretty bad work routines I feel that
I´m now back on track ;)



Manchmal ist Jonas ein Löwe

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"Sometimes Jonas is a lion" is a book by the german
childrens book writer Kirsten Boie, and I´m doing
an illustration for it. I wasn´t familiar with her work before
reading this one but it´s very sensitive and it
gave me an astounding feeling of what it
was like to be a young kid.

Right now this boy looks pretty girlish,
but on the other hand I think it´s more interesting
to have it more ambivalent, since this book
speaks to and about kids in general and not just boys.

(More regular viewers might recall this face from
an older illustration, but well, this has to be done soon
so I do some light recycling again...)



Illusive 3


The current issue of the »Illusive«-annual features some of my illustrations in the »Towards Painting«-chapter. Feels fine after having to kill myself with graphic-design-works in the last couple of months.



Ethnographic drawings #4

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And again some weird artefacts from the South-Pacific-Area. It‘s a lot of fun doing these sketches and I think about to make a small book (in the next year!) using these drawings. Maybe titled „Ghosts & Men-Eaters from Oceania“?



Some sketches

Hi again,

...some sketches I did here and there in-between jobs. Still enjoy the girl with the rabbit.


Black Forest

Hi there,

this is a piece I did for an independent magazine (read: no ads) called
»wald_schwarz« that is designated to promote the region of the black forest. The similarities between this part of Germany and Twin Peaks are perfectly obvious: cherry pie, exuberantly growing trees and quirky characters.

Paper Clip Animals
made for the Children`s Book
Regards Adrian!


Hello poste aerienners!
Well now after sitting in the summerhole it is nice to see your reliable good works. To be honest, I was a bit lazy.. Here are two of my drafts for the 7" single book. So long. Regards IB

Little Black Girls

These are lino-cuts on popular wood.
They were formed for the work of the
single cover named "Little Girl Blue".



Work in progress

A quick job for Eastern Belgium's ecological party.
(well, not so quick for me, as I sometimes work
pretty long on a drawing like this - (like today.))

The illustrations are about alternative ways of
getting to work, like for instance in a shared car.

They asked for nurses in one illustration...
(one of the "companies" making efforts to provide
good means of transport, is a retirement home ;)



Rubber Duck Boy

click to enlarge

I decided to continue my "kids with animal masks on vehicles"
illos which I originally did for my promo postcard and turn
it into a little mini-zine (postcard sized booklet).
This is a little work-in-progress of the new
piece I made today so far.

I would do these also as postcards but I don´t really like the
though of having 500 of each motive lying around here,
nevermind the printing cost, so I´m doing a
little pocket-sized leaflet instead.

I struggled with his mask quite a bit earlier this day
but now I´m kinda satisfied with it ;)



        my work for a 
             record - cover of john fahey
                   (danke Dieter, cmyk war das Problem)
           Regards  Adrian !