TAZ - Superbehörde

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Again an illustration about controlling and monitoring. This image is accompanying a longer text by Meike Naber about Schäuble‘s so called „Superbehörde“ (or his desire for). I did two different versions, one in b+w the other colored, because it was not certain if text and illustration will be published in the colored weekend-issue or the (usually b+w printed) monday-issue of the Tageszeitung. At least the decision was made for the yesterday sunday-publishing.



Ethnographic drawings #3

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Drawing as a technique for observation and documentation was always important in various fields of science. My small sketches (also take a look here and there) at the Ethnological Museum are on one side connected with the tradition of ethnographic drawing, but on the other I'm trying to go beyond the documentary aspect. For me these figures are particularly fascinating in their function as „characters“. Usually I like it to draw the wooden sculptures in a way that they seem to be alive, think that‘s the same magical thrill that puppet masters try to get...

Here are three new pieces from the African- and the South-Sea-Collection. Sometimes these figures make me really laugh, especially this naked german (?) sea captain from the early 20th century.



Muscles versus motors

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This is my new promo illustration that´s
going to be printed on postcards and distributed
by the IO Illustratoren Organisation.

Ever since I started doing a lot of my illustrations
completely digital I was a bit torn between a
contour-based, "classic" drawing style and a
more spacious, flat color way of composing my
images. I think I now found a nice
middle course between using flat, bold colors
(which on their own can look a bit too digital)
and line-based accents, and adding contrast
by using a lot of darker tones over lighter
ones. I love being able to go deeper and deeper
into the details, pouring on little bits that
reward a second and third look.

The trike and kart were
the most fun part ;)



Station B again + a little contest

Perhaps some of you will remember my post about vanished record-store Station B from last February (?). Now the work on our announced book „45“ takes a small break and so I‘m able to finish several pages of (also announced) graphic-novel-project „Dogville-Berlin“.
By the way, if anyone can identify two of the partially shown records from the strip above, I will send the lucky winner (the first one!) one signed copy from my small book „Der dreizehnte Monat“!! Any ideas?



New TAZ illustration

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The drawing above was published yesterday by german newspaper TAZ and treats the totally unacceptable security-checks around the World Championships in Athletics, Berlin. With some greetings from George O.



The Boys Are Back In Town

"Guess who just got back today?"



Mr T. Waits

Some work in progress, that actually looks quite interesting..
I'm wondering what I'll still do about it.