Hello Claudia and everybody, one more beast:

The "Piss-Demon", funny little creature that was believed to cause baldness by pissing on your head (in the Middle Ages).
Actually, it was no other than the bat.

Cheers, Boris



000x the austrian art collective is preparing the next edition.
The title of the 19 th issue is "Beasts".

I'll take part with three motives:
The beast of Gévaudan,
Fritz Lang "M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder"
and Fritz Haarmann the beast of Hannover, who was convicted,
found guilty of 24 murders and executed 1925.

But there are still some more picture ideas for example the film of Jean Cocteau.....

Greetings, c.pom



This week I worked on and nearly finished the bookdesign of our longtime graphic novel projekt. Now the final title will be „Das große Rauschen“ (a short textfragment of one of Verenas stories). I like this title very much because it brings an additional acoustic aspect (associating „the sound of the city“ or „the restless, never sleeping city“ etc) to our stories. The book will come in an extraordinary size, in hardcover with propably 64 pages.

More informations regarding the publishing next.

Greets, Dieter